RSRP - September 2019 Secondary Allocations
September 2019 Secondary Allocations - PDF

Judicial Review – Overview of Process, Outcome and Key Documents
Overview of Process, Outcome and Key Documents - PDF
Overview of Process, Outcome and Key Documents - DOC

RSRP Planning Representations
Representation Guide
Representation 1 - 16/11/17
Representation 2 - 08/12/17
Representation 3 - 09/01/18
Representation 4 - 09/01/17
Representation 5 - 24/01/17

131121 RSRP Factsheet 1625.8 KiB355
Core Strategy Consultation Response 20112.9 MiB252
HCC Assets St Albans District Oct 20132.0 MiB527
HCC PRT Cabinet Panel 20130913 Item 51.5 MiB293
HTC Presentation 25 Nov 13980.7 KiB272
Impact Of Granular Demand Planning For Harpenden Secondary Schools Area817.3 KiB268
Jan 2013 Pupil Census For Secondary School1.7 MiB255
Map of Secondary School Study Sites2.7 MiB834
Map Of Site F371.0 KiB762
Questions For Exhibition17.4 KiB272
Site F Issue Analysis And HCC Response129.8 KiB264
Stomor Secondary School Traffic HAA-11025.8 MiB228
Strategic Local Plan WP Agenda 14 October 201335.5 KiB205
V& G Site appraisal January 2011588.0 KiB264
Why Not Site F221.8 KiB239
WPC Report 16 October 132.0 MiB280


A4 Poster142.1 KiB240
A4 Poster No development on Batford Farm Fields1.2 MiB244
A5 Poster Colour213.4 KiB217
Issues Raised From DW/HCC Report12.6 KiB240
Secondary School Site F Letter13.7 KiB249

Press Releases and Reports

130927 RSRP Press Release 153.0 KiB373
131001 RSRP Press Release 267.7 KiB361
131008 RSRP Press Release 3336.2 KiB322
131019 Press Release 4464.4 KiB247
131022 Press Release 5.1 DC464.6 KiB226
131029 Press Release CPRE 6122.6 KiB191
131104 RSRP Press Release 7a123.3 KiB179
131112 Press Release 8R121.2 KiB198
131118 Press Release 9R121.0 KiB211
131126 Press Release 10.1122.1 KiB214
131209 Press Release 11R57.0 KiB164
131217 Press Release 12R58.6 KiB175
140114 Press Release 13R56.0 KiB172
140123 Herts Ad article RSRP offers fresh alternatives633.5 KiB190
140211 RSRP Press Release 14R56.2 KiB142
140212 NewsUpdate2R121.4 KiB173
140218 RSRP Press Release 15R57.7 KiB123
140304 RSRP Press Release 16R55.9 KiB129
140311 RSRP Press Release17R56.4 KiB131
140318 RSRP Press Release 18R56.5 KiB155
140324 RSRP Press Release 19R56.4 KiB130
140610 RSRP News Update 3122.0 KiB130
140612 RSRP Update4130.9 KiB140
150217 RSRP Press Release 36R113.0 KiB29
150303 RSRP Press Release 37R112.5 KiB35
Advertise Front Page And Letters MiB250
Advertise Front Page and Letters MiB236
Advertise Letters, 14 Nov, 2013284.3 KiB228
Advertiser 131128 HTC Meeting740.6 KiB303
Advertiser 26.06.14988.2 KiB102
Advertiser MiB126
Advertiser Article And Letters MiB297
Advertiser front page & letters 1010134.7 MiB398
Advertiser Front Page 0310131.1 MiB196
Advertiser Front Page 2609132.2 MiB222
Advertiser Letters 01.05.14294.3 KiB206
Advertiser Letters 17.10.13377.9 KiB265
Herts Ad 080514621.7 KiB126
Herts Ad 150514650.9 KiB132
Herts Ad Letter, 30 Jan 2014528.7 KiB225
Herts Ad Letters 240414251.6 KiB119
Herts Ad Letters 290514416.5 KiB347
Herts Advertiser Letters, 5 Dec 2013238.1 KiB214
Letters, 24.07.14691.0 KiB129
Mr Gove comment Advertiser MiB259
Review articles 30.10.13710.7 KiB326
Review Letter 91013540.8 KiB215
Review Letter, 22 Jan 2014310.8 KiB191
Review letters 06.11.13200.2 KiB204
Review Letters 16.10.13187.8 KiB272
Review letters 30.10.13243.5 KiB200
Review Letters, 15 Jan 2014225.2 KiB199
Review Letters, 20 Nov 2013292.1 KiB201
Review Letters, 4 Dec 2013242.9 KiB219
Review Paper Front Page 091013501.3 KiB309




Traffic Concerns

There are regular issues with traffic on the Lower Luton Road, especially at the junction with Station Road, and at the roundabout in Wheathampstead where it meets Lamer Lane and Codicote Road near St Albans High School for Girls. Traffic tails back from this roundabout to Cherry Tree Lane every morning with the volume of traffic at that junction, a distance of 1 mile.

Traffic Crash

Loss of Greenbelt

HCC are planning to compulsory purchase the green belt land which is currently used for agricultural use. Once purchased, they have said "its eventual use will be dependent on a wide range of issues" indicating that if plans don't go ahead for a school, there is the possibility that the land will be used for something else.

Greenbelt Land